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Zero Fee Payment Processing

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Credit Card Processing

Smart Business Owners
Don't Pay To Process Credit Cards!

 Zero Processing Fees: Unlimited Credit Card Processing and zero processing fees!

  Free Equipment:  Stop buying equipment. With EzPay America your point of sale equipment is included!

No Long Term Commitments:  Unlimited processing No early termination fees!


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With our state of the art technology, your business can easily
accept credit cards without paying a transaction fee!

Currently more than 99% of businesses accepting credit cards are on traditional programs. These businesses pay a variety of different Monthly and Annual Fees, as well as a percentage of all sales for the privilege of accepting Credit Cards as a form of payment. When you add up the fees and percentages that Business Owners' are forced to pay it comes out to anywhere from 2.5% – 4%+ of their Gross Credit Card Sales! Let's be honest, you are spending your hard earned profits to pay for your customers convenience. EzPay America can show you a better way.

Harder To Cover Costs

With Credit Cards and Mobile Payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet becoming the standard, Business Owners are finding it harder and harder to cover costs.
A solution is needed to offset the cost and maintain a reasonable profit margin. The EzPay America program is now available through our authorized representative's.

No Hidden Fees

With the EzPay America program you never have to worry about that huge processing fee that you are accustomed to getting every month from other companies. Think for a moment, assume you have been paying your current company an average of $300 or more each month to process credit cards. Wouldn't it be nice to keep that money in the bank?

The EzPay America  Solution

Now, through EzPay America a small service fee is charged for allowing the customer to use an alternate form of payment. This fee is waived as a discount if the customer elects to pay cash or check (if checks are accepted) . EzPay America is a proven solution that allows businesses to increase profits by reducing overhead and driving cash sales.


When you do business with EzPay America, there are no early termination fees, the equipment is free and believe it or not, we actually answer our phones! No more waiting on hold for hours to speak with a human. In fact, EzPay America is so confident that you will be satisfied with our service that we added a guarantee. If at any point you decide that the EzPay America cash discount service is not right for your business, we will match whatever deal you currently have with your current Credit Card Processing Company or any legitimate offer from a competitor and switch you back to to the traditional credit card processing platform. No questions asked. Period.

We want your business. We want a long term business relationship and we are willing to earn it
by doing everything possible to make it a win win situation for both of us.

Ready To Get Started?

Start your application online. Once we receive your information we will follow us with a phone call to answer any additional questions that you may have. Our application process is quick and easy and best of all we can handle everything right over the phone or online. That way there is no salesperson visiting your place of business during your busy hours of operation.

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